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10 hours ago, Tingting said:

 A couple of suggestions:  one is the obvious--install cameras if you can. The other is to get the Ring doorbell (Costco had them the last time I was there)I or do what we did:  get the knock-off version on Amazon. We bought the Aosu which wasn't that cheap, but boy does it give a nice, clear picture and has a feature to record if someone tries to disable it. If someone should show up again, you might still lose an item but you'll have a recording of who that person was and can take it to the police (ha, ha, yeah I know that won't do much good) or you can circulate the photo. Neither is a cheap solution but they do work.

I HAVE ONE UP ON YOU !!--I bought a couple of fake cameras for $6.00 from e-bay,  about ten years-just glued them to the metal gate. worked like a charm--years ago a neighbor had a break in and the police came to me to ask if they can see the tape of my cameras-- I tried to tell them they were fake--They thought I was just a crazy gringo--" crazy like a fox"----HA 

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23 hours ago, Ferret said:

A pox on people who take advantage of others.

I removed my doorbell. I don't answer the door unless I'm expecting someone and I don't answer the phone if I don't know the number. If someone is insistently banging on my door, I send out the advance troops to investigate. Their barking usually settles the matter and the vultures move on.

I don't know how big the trunk is but, wouldn't it be great to store your antiques elsewhere, and put a wooden skeleton in the trunk.

I had a fake door bell; and watch the world from my bay window ring it-After about ten years; it just wore out and dissapeared--HA

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On 4/23/2022 at 9:10 PM, mudgirl said:

I'm sorry this happened to you, MtnMama. It's quite the violation and so sad that you were a target.

I used to have a shop in town here in Sayulita.Every day someone would walk up my stairs with some sob story about how they needed money. Usually some relative with cancer, supposedly. Perhaps some were real, but I suspect most were scammers. The ones that really disgusted me were the ones who borrowed a baby to get some sympathy. 

And I bet he had some paperwork to back up his claim-  just another scam-HA--No big deal- just living in a third world country--which I have adapted--better than living in the criminality of the first world- where organized crime is legal--The syndicate is the gov't; which is on full display today---HA

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10 hours ago, catbird said:

A woman came to our gate with flowers and wanted to visit my land lady who was very sick. I thought the woman was a friend of hers so I let her in. She robbed my land lady who was too helpless to stop her. I felt so guilty. It was a lesson for me.

Mexico is like sleeping--keep one open--

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