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Cruz Roja Phone # & Where to find Emergency Oxygen?

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4 hours ago, Karina G said:

Need 24/7 oxygen source and number I had for Cruz Roja says "unavailable". Can that be right?

Somebody who can also give you great advice on where and how to get oxygen, is Veronica Torres, the owner of the pharmacy, on the main drag in Chapala : corner Madero and Flavio Romero.

In the past, she helped a lot of people getting oxygen.


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Oxireyes, in Riberas, delivers medical oxygen 24/7.  33 3104 5218. 

The way it works is you can rent a tank from them (the big 5 foot tall tanks) for 5,000 pesos, I think. When it gets low, you call them and they´ll come and switch it out for a full one.  Refills cost 1,500 pesos. They will also fill your own tank if you have it, but it might take half a day before you get it back if they do the pickup/delivery.  You could also take your tank to their place in Riberas to get filled.

You can also rent oxygen concentrators that go up to 5 L/m at Lidia Zamudio´s medical supply  store (West Ajijic 376 688-3385, San Antonio 376 766-2088.)  I know Lidia also used to rent out small portable O2 tanks, but they may be in limited supply since COVID.

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