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Tradesperson Needed

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Have not yet found Bosch techs at lakeside.....so.....depending on the age of the unit, best options are:

1 - Servicio Técnico (bosch-climate.mx)   (warning:   pricey for a service visit to lakeside from Guad, = labour + mileage + parts.....but maybe worth it)


2 - get one of these,  instead:   Modelo 3512 | 3516 Calentador Instantáneo (kruger.com.mx)


they are well priced, work great, and are also OK with accepting solar hot water as the input if you have it or plan to get it.    Many on-demand units are not set up for that.

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Thanks Go Solar.

Since I'm only here until April I don't want to spend a lot of money -- well ... none actually, but if I have no choice I would spend a little. Surely there must be some skilled person in the area. I just need to find them. 😉

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I haven't found one yet. Did you change the batteries? I'm assuming it's piezo ignition. Usually 2 D batteries required on the underside of the water heater. Or, do you have very hard water? I run vinegar through mine once a year. Requires a very small fountain pump and a bucket of vinegar.

1) turn off the gas

2) undo the water intake hose and attach it to the small recirculating fountain pump. You may need an extension cord to get the plug to an outlet. Put the pump in the vinegar. 

3) undo the water outlet hose and drop it into the bucket as well

4) turn on the pump and the vinegar will circulate through the "closed system"

Go have a margarita and chill for an hour. Then come back and undo everything and re attach the way it was including turning the gas back on.

If you're feeling ambitious, do NOT connect your intake valve yet. Turn on the hot water tap in the shower and let the vinegar run through the line but don't let the vinegar level in the bucket fall below the pump level. Watch carefully and turn off the hot water tap in the shower before it does (or turn off the hot water heater). Large bottles of vinegar found in SuperLake. 

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Ferret and Tim:

Thanks for the replies. Skip to 5th paragraph below to avoid my rant. ;-)

It's a sad state of affairs here as a tenant in a so-called prominent Mexican's upstairs suite. I guess once he had my last month's rent he stopped even the presumption of caring. I've been both homeowner and tenant in my home country, and never experienced such a poor quality landlord. I guess living here with hot water is an unnecessary luxury. I thought I had a good deal in comparison with other strict landlord/tenant agreements I'd read about, and I did, but I had hoped the 'slime' element (which I'd read about in my research of Mexico) wouldn't dirty it. What is slime? Spouting words and assurances and using words like 'trust' and 'friend' but then completely reneging on everything you've said, implied, and promised -- continuously, over and over, time and time again. I've never experienced that brand of shameful behavior before.

Everything I've said to this point is also for those -- whose comments about Mexico I've read on this forum -- who think and say Mexico is no different than other countries; that you just need to adjust and accept the way things are done here; that everybody is different, including landlords.  Well, the Mexican people are different from what the average non-Mexican -- let's say gringos -- are accustomed to. There's just too much evidence to support this statement, regardless how much one loves Mexico, for it to be denied. I'll never accept shameful behavior. I know, "you just happened to get a bad landlord". Yawn.

Before I get too much hate response, I've met a great Mexican family who have been very kind to me and I've spent a lot of time with them, including Christmas Eve. They are great, as are many others I've met.

But when money comes into play I expect to be disappointed, even in my own home country. It must be the boldfaced lies  here that bother me the most. Not lies you say. I disagree, because when you don't keep your word -- and repeatedly so -- without a very good reason, you're a liar.

Okay, the rant is over. I'm not going to spend much money on this problem, so buying a new heater is out. If I wasn't paying high rent I'd just go without a heater -- but in true gringo fashion 'its the principle of the thing' that bothers me, plus I like hot showers. I don't think it's a water flow problem Ferret, as it worked great before the Centro wide water problems took hold -- and the batteries were changed. I'll definitely keep your solution in mind though. Thanks. Maybe it's plugged with that black junk that comes out every time the water is restored.

After I moved in my landlord said the pipes were too old to get hot water in the sinks, but the shower did give hot water. Then, about 6 weeks ago I started getting hot water from the sinks too. Then  about 4 weeks ago, no hot water anywhere, even though water flowed cleanly everywhere.

Maybe my Uber driver, who speaks very good English, can help solve this, just like he did with my 'no gas delivery' problem I had in December. I'd been trying to get gas delivered for two weeks, but after I called him I had gas delivered within 45 minutes. Wow.


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Are Bosch heaters that complicated or does it void a warranty? If it is a warranty issue, I'd call one of the instant-on heater techs listed in a previous thread and see if maybe they could fix it. 

Carlos Ramirez 333 903 5891 or 
Jose Martinez 333 152 1369

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Thanks Oregon, and everyone who's replied. I'll give Carlos or Jose a call. I didn't realize the instant heaters were so high tech and temperamental. I'll just give the landlord the bill. Even then, I feel that I should maybe warn others about him. What a letdown he's been. I'd hate to see others fall victim. 

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