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CCRCs in Mexico? Heard or seen of?


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  Hi Folks!

Wondering if anyone has any firsthand knowledge of Mexican continuing care retirement communities (CCRC for you virgins)?

I would love to see a contract in English if someone has one tucked away in their bra or other area. Aside from post by Djangoplayer

I have not seen anything of value and that includes any posts from obvious sales agents.


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I don't meet your first requirement... firsthand knowledge...  but neither will *anyone* because at Lakeside, and Mexico in General, there are few if any real CCRC or Life Plan Communities.

The one exception at Lakeside *MAY* be the newer/being built La Pueblita Ajijic. There was a lot of advertising at first but I'm not sure how much is done/finished and even what it is really all about. Their webside give some 'high level sales testimonials' with nice videos but they are really advertising, and.... one can only find out more by filling in name, etc information and they 'will get back to you'.

Otherwise at Lake Chapala one will/can find many 'nursing homes', some having access to folks who are just beginning to need some 'help' with daily living, on through dementia. Caring places at nowhere near the cost of NOB facilities.

P.S.  Can't vouch for the validity of any of this, but just FYI....  https://retireearlylifestyle.com/continuing_care.htm




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