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Construction east of Ponchos lake side


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10 minutes ago, oregontochapala said:

A Spanish language school specializing in teaching old gringos to spell PANCHO correctly?

Usually it's a case of them not pronouncing a word or name correctly, then they spell it like they pronounce it. Or they've never bothered to learn the dead simple fact that in Spanish, each of the 5 vowels are only have one pronunciation, unlike English where a vowel can have multiple pronunciations depending on the word.

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1 hour ago, CHILLIN said:

Yes, he is seeking investors on Facebook.

His Facebook page mentions the NEW store west of Ajijic near La Reserva. Looking for investors for that  - no mention of the construction east of him in Riberas.

One day at Pancho's, the employees were taking a survey = how often one shopped at Pancho's, where you lived, etc and mentioned the second and new store being closer to me.

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5 hours ago, HoneyBee said:

Well I guess that means that women work faster then men. (my next construction project will be with an all female crew 😁). 

Several years ago I needed to remove the roof tiles over my patio, as they were black with mold and clogged up with leaves and dirt that were impeding the flow of water.

I had called around to guys who had worked for me before, but they were all busy. So I asked my cleaner if she knew a couple guys who would want the job.

She stood there for a minute looking at the roof, then said, "You and I could do that, don't you think?" 

I said sure, but was she sure she wanted to? She said yes, so came back the next day she was free and we took turns being on the ladder passing each tile down. As they were passed down, whoever was below brushed each one off and stacked them neatly, and we kept sweeping up the mess as we went along.

We joked about how if men were doing that job, my entire terrace would be covered in the dead leaves and piles of dirt, and a bunch of the tiles would have gotten broken. 

Then we laid them all out on a tarp in the yard, she went home, I powerwashed and resealed them the next day, and she came back a couple days later and we put them all back.


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