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TotalPlay Modem snafu


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Please don't say this should be in Furry Friends.....   those with or without pets need to see this and warn pet people/friends! 

5 pm Tuesday----   TP modem suddenly totally dark. NO lights red or green.  Checked all plugs / connections. Tried power off / on  modem switch plus surge protector. This meant no phone,  internet, wifi, or TV.  OMG the sky is falling 😡 LONG talk on cell phone with tech support.  Nada.  Sent tech out this a.m.

Answer?   Darn CAT had chewed the flimsiest gauge of all the wires  that connect from modem to power source (the one with the little transformer) right in half !!! Asked why she would do this... never any other wires touched.  He said those wires emit a "pulse" that cats (and guessing other smallish pets etc) can sense.... it attracts them, and they get a little electric "shock" as they make the cut.  Apparently they LIKE this ???

Worse yet --- same cat has already done this to two cordless phone handsets. I just had not made the connection as to wires being the same. As usual... another day, another life TECH  lesson........... sigh.

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Back in the day when I bred Cornish Rex cats, I had to take a couple of cotton balls and a bottle of Bitter Apple and wipe down all the electric wires on the floor. I repeated this about once a month. A cat would walk over to the electric cord, put it in their mouth, make a face and walk away. I haven't seen Bitter Apple down here but it might be worth looking for. 

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On 2/17/2022 at 12:46 AM, MtnMama said:

..... haven't seen Bitter Apple down here but it might be worth looking for. 

Vet advises  (1) not available MX and (2) would not work anyway.  ONLY cables she's touched are the  flat little  "2 wires inside"ones less than 4 mm across (about 0.16 in) and the only ones that constantly emit a "pulse". I know from other times you believe in this product and happy it worked for you.

When we move next month, I have a solution we can use once I see how the TP install is done, or else she gets fitted with a cat muzzle. 😾

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