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Grill Curious? Hannah Rose meat menu


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Grilling BBQ season, just around the corner, or for many, it never ended. Hannah Rose Handcrafted has added some very special grilling items to her selections. One is Boerewors South African Sausage. This is usually rolled up into a circle, then onto the grill. Cutup the size pieces you want. It is delicious and uniquely spiced. https://www.curiouscuisiniere.com/boerewors/

The other is an experiment, to see if people are interested. These are Korean BBQ style "kalbies" or thin cut beef ribs. There are so many recipes. They are extremely popular all over Asia and Vancouver. They are often grilled by men, coming home from a night on the town. For this reason, many recipes call for Asian Pear, which is widely considered to be a hangover cure, but a fruit or juice hard to find in Mexico. An apple sauce, with a good shot of pear brandy flavor would work. They are always tender and juicy, because are thinly sliced and marinated. Remember to soak them in cold water before marinating to remove any bone dust. She might decide to sell them like arrachera, in a vaccum pack with the marinade.

Hannah Rose Handcrafted on Facebook. Get on her mailing list for her usually weekly, on Friday deliveries. She does not do customer pickup from a coffee shop anymore, she has a canopy and coolers off the carretera for pickup.

Next week, is a good week for beef. She is harvesting a well fatted beef. 

Here is an easy recipe to make homemade pear liqueur using inexpensive Mexican brandy and a Mexican vanilla bean.


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