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New traffic light a Superlake


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THAT, after completion, would definitely bring hordes more to Lakeside!  But it'a nice dream.

I have long thought that a causeway out in the lake is the only realistic solution to local traffic on the North Shore. But I personally would NOT dump it back onto the carretera in west Ajijic but rather take it at leat to west San Juan Cosala. 

Realistically I don't not see that or anything happening in my lifetime... but then I'm an old man.

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The solution to traffic issues isn't building more roads. It's encouraging and making it easy and convenient for people to walk, bicycle, and take public transport.

Many years ago in Canada I read a quote I've always remembered where someone said something like  "Building more roads to "cure" a too much traffic problem is like loosening your belt to "cure" obesity".

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Well, we have a very good pedestrian/bike way along side the carretera and it is well used these days.  And frequent buses but of course the public transport is being badly hampered by the same self caused (by government) traffic situation.  So we already have that of which you write.

If you lived here you'd see that although we do have more traffic than we used to, the real problem is how the carretera is mismanaged to make it almost impassable.  As I noted before, when we had that week when all the lights were shut down, there were no backups either on the carretera or the side streets.  That tells us the road has the capacity to handle the traffic most of the time.

This is no longer a matter of just getting backed up at the peak times when the Tapatios come and go on weekends and holidays.  It is every day now and it starts with that total debacle encompassing Walmart and San Antonio.


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