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USA QR covid id card

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In the state of Washington, all we get is a peace of thick printed paper which measures about 2&3/4 by 3&3/4 inches, which is called a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card.

On this card, I enter my name and birth date and below that is entered the type of Covid-19 shot I got, the date I got it and the Clinic site.

My card shows three entries. The first two are for Pfizer shots and the third is for a Moderna booster shot.

The term QR never came up.

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a QR code is something like a bar code. Your phone probably has a QR reader installed on it or you can easily install one yourself. You go to the Wash. State registry site and scan a QR code linked to your vaccination record.  Permanently store it in your phone. When somebody needs to see your record you simply pull it up on your phone. Mine is from Calif. but Wash. looks like probably the same form that I filled out. Very simple.

The Washington registry is at      https://waverify.doh.wa.gov/

A little more info for Wash.      https://www.doh.wa.gov/Emergencies/COVID19/VaccineInformation/VaccinationVerification

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I got mine in Calif. but it was several months ago and I don't recall how long it took. I'm pretty sure that I had it within a month. A Canadian friend who was vaccinated in Calif. tried to register himself on the Calif. registry from Canada and was unable to do so. I don't know if he tried using a VPN or if that would have helped.

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I'm glad to hear that this is the official Federal vaccine certificate. When I got my first two shots in Seattle I was given this forum filled out showing that I had my first two shots, and I thought this was just some local form used by my city or county.  When I came back some 9 months later to Seattle and got my booster shot (last December) I was given a second card showing that I had received my booster shot. They said I was given a second card rather than having the first card filled, because the original card didn't look new (I had carried it in my wallet and it was wrinkled.  😃  )

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