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1 hour ago, CHILLIN said:

Good to hear. This plant is called "Milk of Mazar" or "the Golden One", it is used to produce Mazar strain of handpressed Afghan Bahlki Hashish. I am more of a collector than grower or consumer. I seem to pick dangerous places and war zones. I plan to order some seeds trom Kandahar, Afghanistan and am growing out some Kibustan Sativa from the Phillipines mountains, where if you get caught growing, you get a life sentence in a cruddy prison.

That is a good reason to move here. You can grow things year round, once you understand the minor flucuations. There has never been a frost here, ever. Cannabis is perfect plant for this climate, it is a penstroke away from being legal. But selling anything off the books will get you in deep s##t really quickly!


I was kidding, but now I am beginning to think that you are not...too many details. When you hear the helicopter buzzing your place, get out of there...fast!!!

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