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Cocina memberillo, Laurie's new place


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Thursday night we dined here and the food and service were excellent!  They are located at the corner of Macos Castellano and Zaragoza. Look for the white building with bright green awnings. Atmosphere is very nice. You can enter on both streets but for those having trouble with stairs you can enter on Zaragoza. Closed on Monday. I believe they open at 1pm. They also have a pizza oven like Laurie's old place, Charlotte's on the Libramiento.

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Four of us went last night. We were all pleased. Due to a misunderstanding, we ended up with 5 entrees. Here are our comments:

Shrimp Tempura - as good as other place

Pizza - never had in old location, but it was good. Thin but not ultra thin crust, nice toppings on Americano.

Enchilada - Shreded beef and I'm not sure which one I got because I asked her about 2 of them. It was beautifully presented and tasty. Sauce with cream and then cheese was very rich.

Burrito - I didn't get a good look at it but our friend cleaned to plate.

Chili en Nogado - comments from friend, tasted like Christmas, lots of meat and fruit filling. She said it could have used a tad more seasoning. 

It's a big menu, so there is something for everyone. Try it to support Laurie.

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Just ate there.  Nice clean, bright, friendly staff, great service, rapid delivery of food.  I had enchiladas membrillo (plenty of beef, great sauce and cheese) and she had a very good Philly cheesesteak sandwich, fries also good.   2 other tables dining at 5pm.  Will definitely be back.  Extensive menu, including breakfast.  The above with 2 bottled waters was 400 pesos.

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