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Recomendations of preowned car places in Guadalajarja

Rich Neel

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Good Morning. I am aware that SandS auto is the most preferred car sales in the Lake Chapala area and have reached out to them. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Preowned Sanchez or Preowned Barush in Guadalaja? Any other used  dealership recommendations good or bad would great as well.Thanks in advance for any information.

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Contact Antonio Regolado.  He is on Facebook.  Not only has some excellent cars for sale but will also find you what you are looking for and handle everything for a very reasonable fee.  He saved me more than he cost with his inspection and negotiation skills alone.

Buying cars in Mexico is nothing like NOB.  There are NO consumer protections and a lot of crooks out there.  Not worth the risk.


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You could check https://www.kavak.com/. Kavak is the Mexico equivalent to Carvana. You can see what is available in Guad. and across Mexico through them. We went to their dealership in Guad a while back. Didn't end up buying from them, but they have a lot of cars to look at which can help give you a better idea of what you are looking for, prices, etc.

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1 hour ago, CHILLIN said:

Watch out for rehabbed flood write off vehicles imported from the USA. Search on google for tips how to spot them.

Why does this flood issue kept being raised  I would suggest there are other reason's like a wrecked / totaled car...........I do not recall any recent major flooding in the US...or maybe I missed the big news!!!

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What! Are you living under a dry rock? There have been billions of dollars of damage, most recently British Columbia and Seattle. This CBS article says at least 210, 000 vehicles in the South U.S. alone. This seems low to me, maybe a lot of people cannot afford a writeoff, so they try to bluff their way through, trying to sell without the salvage flag on the title.



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