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CT scan cost comparison


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Last week I had an appointment for a CT scan prescribed by my doctor at Quality Care. I went to Hospital San Antonio right next door. I’d had other tests done here. From past experience I thought the cost for this one would be less than the $6000 pesos I took with me for this appointment. When I was told the cost was $10,000 pesos I said I didn’t have that much but could come back later to pay the balance. I was told I’d have to pay in full before the test could be done. I went over to QC to tell this to the very efficient Lety at the front desk. If I didn’t have the test results I’d have to cancel my scheduled appointment with my doctor. She was shocked at the cost. She called my doctor. He said for me to go to Ribera Medical Clinic for the test; he’d speak to the Radiology Department later.  At Ribera Hospital the procedure went smoothly. Blood test: 174 pesos. Tomography with contrast: $4131 pesos.

The fact is, if I’d had the $10,000 pesos with me that day I’d have paid it, thinking it was high, but that’s how it goes, prices go up. (Good  that I didn’t have 10,000 pesos with me.)

Update: I don’t know if my doctor at QC spoke with the radiology department. I doubt it. How did this happen and who cares? Good question.



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While it is not unusual for pricing to vary from one medical establishment to another, the 10,000 pesos is sounding like what some call.... the Gringo price.

And if it is NOT that, and they charge less affluent Mexican Nationals this elevated price, it will spread throughout the community and their business will be only gringos in short order... assuming that it has not already done so. Nationals aren't stupid nor non-vocal when it comes to this kind of thing. IMO.

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I am always surprised how many Mexicans visit that hospital. If they are affluent, they would have private medical insurance to pay for the tests. It is private medical insurance and the U.S. dollar driving up medical costs. In this area anyways.

San Antonio Hospital seems to have problems attracting technicians who know what they are doing. The Xray department there is excellent. CT and MRI machines, not so much. I had to have a chest xray there about a week ago. I noticed that two incompetent technicians were no longer there. Maybe the hospital has realised they have to make wages higher to attract qualified techs.

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