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Temporale Extension - documents required?


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I've been told that this process is fairly easy if you can assemble a suitable package of documents. I've looked to see exactly what these are, and found the INM website to be more than a little cryptic on this. Can someone please identify which docs are necessary to bring to one's appointment? I have completed the Formatico Basico, and wonder if I need more than this one, and if I must assemble supporting financial docs again. I did this a year ago at the Mexican consulate, and nothing has changed, but that's a risky assumption.

Also, the name on my passport is not identical. i.e Joe Biden vs Joseph....LoL

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Go to your Local INM office for a review, there always seems to be interpretive wiggle room in what is required. Take home all that they do not need. Good Luck.

I just spent 45minutes picking up & activating my Intercom Debit Card? Took 4 different people, a telephone call, a verbal review of all my documents & 2 different Debit Card readers to complete the transaction.

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Do yourself a favor and go to see Maria at the papelaria on Ramon Corona just a few doors west of the plaza in San Antonio next door to Marios resturant. Marias husband may be looking after the front but just ask for Maria and he will get her. She speaks English and she will make up all the papers you need and information. It costs a few pesos but well worth it. We had ours done 8 years ago it was 100.00 pesos but I think it would have increased a little by now.

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On 1/11/2022 at 3:52 PM, HBDoss1 said:

Also, the name on my passport is not identical. i.e Joe Biden vs Joseph....LoL


On 1/11/2022 at 4:07 PM, RVGRINGO said:

That is not an LOL matter in Mexico.  They may give you grief, so be brave & keep smiling.


3 hours ago, oregontochapala said:

True that! Names matter here and signatures must be exactly the same as on the paperwork. 

We're veterans and one of the first things you learn in bootcamp is to leave your pen on the desk and never write anything until told to do so. Works well when dealing with Mexican institutions, too.

I had to go to the American Consulate in Guadalajara to get the notary there to check my name on my US passport, which was missing my second middle name, and my Mexican marriage license which had it and so did my birth certificate have it.

It took a day and a letter from me with my explanation. She took my documents and added a letter stating I use two names and both are me. My legal name didn't have my second middle name and I also was know as the name with it. My "AKA".

When I immigrated to the US from Canada US immigration legally dropped my second middle name but the Civil Registar in Mexico used it on our marriage license taken from my birth certificate. Back then I needed a "permiso" to marry a Mexican National from IMN. They got rid of that requirement with the 2011 Immigration Law.

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