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Breakthrough covid vax development?


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9 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

HMMM, zat so.  Maybe you jabees are a hazard for the rest of us.

Wed Dec 22, 2021 - 7:02 pm EST

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (LifeSiteNews) – Virtually all Omicron cases in Denmark have been reported in vaccinated people, most of them “fully vaccinated,” new data from the Danish government revealed.

79 percent of Danes infected with Omicron by December 15 were fully jabbed, according to a report released Tuesday by the Statens Serum Institut (SSI), a Danish health ministry that tracks COVID-19 variants. The double-vaccinated accounted for more than 14,000 of 17,767 Omicron infections recorded in Denmark since the country’s first reported case on November 22.Those with a booster shot made up another 10.6 percent of cases of the new variant, and people with one jab were an additional 1.8 percent. The unvaccinated – around one-fifth of the Danish population – were just 8.5 percent of Omicron infections.

Screen-Shot-2021-12-21-at-9.56.00-PM.png Statens Serum Institut

Vaccinated people also dominated cases of other COVID-19 strains. More than three-quarters of Danes who came down with Delta or another variant besides Omicron between November 22 and December 15 had at least one shot, according to the SSI data, and 73 percent were fully jabbed or boosted.

In Denmark, 77.6 percent of the population was “fully vaccinated” as of Sunday, including 35 percent of residents who have had a third dose since the Scandinavian country began rolling out boosters for the general public last month.

Stunning numbers from Denmark:

56% double vaccinated are catching 65% of “other variants” & 79% of Omicron

Most vulnerable group to Omicron BY FAR

25% boosted still catch 10% of Omicron cases, while unvaccinated catch 8.5%

This is worse than vaccine failure. This is damage. pic.twitter.com/ckEXv3iff3

— William Makis MD (@MakisMD) December 20, 2021


Denmark currently has one of the top infection rates in the world and the second highest Omicron rate in Europe, behind the U.K., which has similar vaccination levels and an even higher booster rate.

Since arriving in Denmark in late November, Omicron has spread rapidly through the vaccinated, with infections doubling every few days.

The result has been an unprecedented case surge, far outpacing last winter – before the vaccination drive began – when daily cases peaked at around 5,000. Denmark blew past that record this month, reporting 13,000 new infections on Tuesday, with a seven-day average of nearly 10,000.

Daily infections are expected to reach 27,000 within days and continue climbing into January. Health minister Magnus Heunicke confirmed Tuesday that Omicron is now Denmark’s dominant strain.

Danish government researchers have acknowledged that vaccination offers effectively no protection against catching Omicron, and some analyses indicate that it actually heightens the risk of contracting the variant. Experts have also warned that a sharp rise in breakthrough cases could point to “original antigenic sin,” which occurs when vaccination causes an inability to mount an effective immune reaction to a variant of a virus, resulting in worse health outcomes for the vaccinated.

Ya think the jab don't work?--logical conclusion? -- never worry; doctor, and I use that title loosely,  Fuchi will come up with some B.S. excuse---HA

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9 hours ago, mudgirl said:

Obviously the higher the vaccination rate, the higher the number of breakthrough infections there would be among the vaccinated, but obviously you aren't capable of that logical, apparent conclusion.

If 100% of the population is vaccinated, of course infections would show that 100% of cases were among the vaccinated. 


Finally some sanity is breaking out---contagious I hope!

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9 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

Agreed but we need to add to the list others who made poor choices

Obese people because they chose to over eat.

Type 2 diabetics  because they chose a poor diet. 

Possibly heart patients if they chose a diet with high cholesterol.

Possibly those over 80 because of limited life expectancy.

Anyone who had Covid before because they survived it the first time.

Let's add those who used poor judgement and caused an injury or accident. Why treat them? 

The list goes on......







These attacks on the people who made poor decisions is cruel ; they will suffer severely  without other people pilling on ..

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9 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

I agree.  Being around the jabbed is dangerous for us and hospitals have done an outstanding job, particularly NOB, of killing their patients by not using proven early treatments.


Don't blame the hospitals--they have their orders and financial incentives---YA; sig heil ! sig heil !

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7 hours ago, gringal said:

Have you folks noticed how frequently the "news sources" are not only highly biased, but often put forth plain old untruths?  What's with that?  So easy to check, and I doubt it's fooling most people reading here.

With many people-"truth" is defined with their prejudices .

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9 hours ago, Bisbee Gal said:

All these folks can continue to enter hospitals, AS LONG AS THEY ARE VACCINATED.  Right now many surgeries and treatments such as chemo are being DELAYED thanks to the hospitals being full of UNvaxed.  


We all make poor choices--some worst than others--nobody is perfect--" He who is without sin cast the first stone".

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7 hours ago, oregontochapala said:

It doesn't matter what I think or feel or for that matter what other people think or feel about Covid. I have to live with my choices as do we all.

What is at issue here for me is that this thread was started by a moderator, has been filled with rather personal attacks by said moderator (and others), and was not shut down by ANY moderator. 

The only purpose this and other threads like it serve is to drive wedges among community members, many of whom have left our country of origin because there is such discord among people that life is f***ing miserable there.

Please. We live in a delightful place and most of us are seeking peace in our final years. Will someone with a sense of decency step in and step up and stop the posting of this type of divisive thread and make this one disappear? Thank you.

Don't rush it---peace will come soon enough--DEATH-

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6 hours ago, RickS said:

Well I disagree that MC, because he is a Moderator, should not be able to Post under his name. BUT we all should continue to note that most of his Posts are far right and often use discreditied sources. And are anti-scientist, anti-government, anti vax and pretty much anti everything.

Take it for what it is worth.... which to me is NOT MUCH!.... call him out if you wish because THAT is your right. Otherwise a long time ago I quit putting any credibility into his Posts.  YMMV



Well , you have a lot of "anties--but I'm anti gov't--one can't trust the bastards !

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6 hours ago, Tingting said:

Oh, I wish I had some emoticons left to give you! I love that if certain folks agree with a posting, it's fair media and if they disagree, it's "right-wing" whatever -- ignoring those who sit in the middle, sometimes heavy left, sometimes heavy right. I wonder how many of those over 65 were actually suffering from other diseases/conditions and the 'Rona was that final straw (like several of my sister's in-law relatives)? Nope, that doesn't match the script that's already been written.

(Edited to add this) And to those that think the unvax should not be admitted into hospitals, REALLY? Since when do you become the arbiter of who is "worthy" of treatment and who is not? This alone frightens the hell out of me.

I really wish the mod would close down these postings. We've beaten it to death and nothing changes. Give info of where shots are available; give info about whether or not kids are back in school or what the latest regulations are, but shut this down when it becomes personal. And for some, it always becomes personal.

Let's keep beating this dead horse--This Covid fraud deserves it--this fiasco should never happen again-!! stabbing children, babies, the unborn--pure insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just now, bobby brown said:

Let's keep beating this dead horse--This Covid fraud deserves it--this fiasco should never happen again-!! stabbing children, babies, the unborn--pure insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we all are guinea pigs--!!!!  All the test animals died--Phizer says "close enough" we're good to go.

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1 hour ago, johanson said:

I just got back from a great Christmas eve dinner, in West Ajijic attended by 6 of us where even a 7 year old was tri-lingual. German, Mexican Spanish, and American English. We all had a great time. Please folks, this is Christmas Eve. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I choose not to make negative comments on what I just read above.

Again let us all have a great Christmas weekend both in person and here where one can post.


THX; and the same to you and yours--

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28 minutes ago, gringal said:

Moderator: please close this thread.  It's not only uncivil to the max, but it's getting downright disgusting.

Other than that, Merry Christmas!

Even better than closing, just ban Bobby Brown!  His posts are mostly negative and disgusting in nature.

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