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Can anyone tell me if fall detection emergency devices are available and work in Mexico?  If so, which one works the best?  I don't want something that is used at home and has equipment there.  I need something that will locate me wherever I am and notify family and emergency services that I can't get up and am hurt.  The Apple watch seems big in the US, but does it work in Mexico and is it reliable?  Thanks for the help.

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The Apple Watch 7 with cellular capability will send emails to your emergency contacts if you fall and don't move for a predetermined time. It should work in Mexico as long as you have a Mexican cell phone account. The only drawback is that it needs to be recharged every day; Apple suggests overnight charging but a lot of falls are at night. 

I don't have an Apple watch but I have been looking into it.

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Certain smartphones can also provide a feature to monitor your “walking steadiness”, not to notify others but to alert yourself that your balance, stability, gait, and coordination may be putting you at risk for falling down.  


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