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There's an independent guy named Juan who does the gaz thing. 

It seems he's been servicing the area for more than 15 years. 

I called him today (after Zeta told me they weren't delivering in Ajijic today and I'd have to wait till tomorrow) and he said he'd be here in 30 minutes. 

His tel number is 333/971-0630. 

Assume all went well if I don't come back to comment on my comment.


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Juan is very reliable, I've used him for years. As far as I know  he works for Los Altos, but we call him directly at above number. Most people who have been here awhile find a driver they can call directly, much more reliable than calling an office.

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Juan at that number has been my guy for years, too,  but for the first time last week I had to call him.  Most often he comes by when he knows I'm due for gas. I reached him and he said he'd be by at a time later in the day. And he didn't show up. Called him again on Sat. and he came. Hope he's not trying to cover more folks than he can handle.


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