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Vanilla Beans and liquid vanilla


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I buy the beans from the Voladores de Papantla, on the Ajijic Malecon. I ordered some last week and the new group brought it for me and call me to tell me it is in. They have liquid vanilla as well as the beans and can get vanila orquids if you would like to have some. They are from Papantla the center for vanilla in Mexico and grow and process the  plants. They can explain to you how to open the flower to fertilize it and get more beans..

Their phone number is 374 1014514, they have whatsapp

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Depends on what you call work, they are the indigenous from Papantla who are performing their rites to the sun.. for money. They do their danza with the pole and drop from there  held up by ropes. Same people. Most of the indigenous are farmers and in that area just about everyone grows the vanilla orchids and process the beans.

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