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Telmex Mi Cuenta and other hit and miss communications with Telmex


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I am simply wanting to move my hard phone line to my new house.

My Telmex hard line is in my name, has been for years.

After two hours yesterday on the phone trying to get Telmex representatives to answer various phone calls to their various service numbers, I wound up always being transferred to dead-ends.

An "ejecutivo" was promised to be waiting to help me, but never answered the transfer.

I was given new service numbers to call (which were not active).

Eight hours later, I went online to Telmex and created a Mi Cuenta. That sends me to a Chat. The Chat does not present the option of Cambio de Domicilio or Cambio de Servicio or anything similar.

I know the entire world, not just Telmex and not just Mexico, suffers from technology that has made very difficult getting the simplest tasks accomplished.

In short, does anyone have a recent working phone number for Telmex service, specifically to get a hard phone line transferred to a new domicile?  Thanks.

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For this you should go into a Telmex office and not waste time on calling them. This will get what you need done by them writing a service order for their technician to actually do the line transfer. This is my way of getting things accomplished usually.

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4 minutes ago, southland said:

Thanks folks.

I was not aware that the Telmex office had re-opened.

I thought it had been closed because of Covid.

Has anyone been to the office in Ajijic/La Floresta area? When did it re-open?


I was there in March.  

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I was there in July.    Along with going to the office, we have located Telmex Service people working in our area and told them what we were trying to accomplish also.  They have, in the past, reported our needs to someone, somewhere and our situation was handled quickly.

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