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6 hours ago, SunnyDaze said:

You are embarrassing to the rest of us. Mudgirl makes a good point, plus the Aussies  have a higher quality of living as well. Hopefully you can understand this:

Best Countries to Live in the World | U.S. News Best Countries (usnews.com)

Perhaps the reason that there are "no" Aussies here is the significant difference in climate, but the countries do have similar backgrounds as to how and by whom the countries were settled.......but nobody has answered why ,despite its missteps, huge deficit's and other "warts", are many people willing to make huge **financial investments** in the "dump" and others making their way both legally and legally, To the perceived "Shangri-La"

++ I have family in Miami working as investment bankers who tell me that there continues to be huge, homogenous amount of monies coming in  from S America  and Mexico ** Disclaimer I am not a financial advisor

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"Perceived" is the operative word. Twenty years ago, I had a long conversation, in San Miguel de Allende, with my housekeeper's son. He was determined to head to the U.S. and make his fortune. It started out with how much money he could make per hour. That's the only financial aspect of which he was certain. He didn't know how much rent would cost, or furniture, or clothing, or utilities, or transportation, or food or taxes that would be withheld from his paycheck (legally or not). He didn't go. The grass is not always greener and, imho, it is desperate people who make the trek because they've already hit rock bottom.

Money usually goes or stays where it is "perceived" to be safer. There are no guarantees in life. 2008 is still clear as a bell in my mind.

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