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4 hours ago, Natasha said:

And just how big a wheelbarrow full of $$$ did you bring with you, that you want electric appliances?????  🙃

I unvested in solar panels and water heating ten years ago.  

Now the only propane I use is for my BBQ. I save tens of thousands of pesos a year on propane and I'm kinder to our environment.


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We were looking to replace a 15 year old Maytag 220v dryer about 2 years ago but after a long search we could only come up with a gas Samsung model. The Maytag unit was very efficient and really didn't consume as much electricity as many had predicted.

We bought a washer and dryer for our house in Ajijic as well as similar models for another property at the beach. If I look at the Liverpool web site now the number of options are very limited with only one or 2 electric and those are probably 110v which are energy hogs. There's nothing available on the high end including the Samsungs we bought and are very happy with.

There has been a shortage of most appliances for the last year or so related to lack of computer chips/boards and other supply chain problems. The options shown on the Liverpool site seem to confirm the lack of supply of any sort of washer and dryer.

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Figoush, if you do search online, be very careful. We wanted to replace our front loading machines (electric) with a stackable set and had trouble finding  one that offered an electric dryer. Long story short, I thought I found one with LG's Thin Q and ordered it via Sears. Nope. Even though there was NOTHING that said it was a gas dryer, well...it is and I'm pissed. SInce it's one of those "too late" situations, we'll get it properly piped, etc. Meanwhile, expensive lesson learned. Home Depot carries them and so do many others (just type "secadora electrica") but you may have a problem w/delivery and will have to scrounge a friend with a truck. 

BTW, even with our old, electricity-chomping dryer, we never sweated it because we have solar and still make more than we use. 

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