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4 hours ago, mudgirl said:

Well, you can blame the pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession for over-prescribing legal drugs. It seems like every American I know has a whole barrage of pharmaceuticals they take. If you mention to someone that you're stressed out about something, they right away say, "Oh, you want a Xanax?"

And as far as the skyrocketing drug overdoses, some of the street drugs that are being manufactured now are really bad news, for sure. 

But there are a lot of factors involved. Poverty, lack of education, lack of responsible parenting, lack of affordable housing, lack of mental health services, sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc, all lead to a state of affairs where people cope by trying to obliterate their pain and consciousness with drugs and alcohol. 

When the "moral majority" wrings its hands over legalization of some drugs, they are showing a total lack of understanding about the issue.

If they legalized heroin tomorrow, how many people do you think would say "Oh, goody, I always wanted to be a junkie. Nodding out, emaciated, in a doorway in a filthy alley looks like such a cool lifestyle."? 

Getting a handle on the drug problem will never be accomplished by trying to eliminate the production and distribution. The underlying causes of why people end up addicted and ODing is what needs to be addressed.

Hey  Mud--you know where I can buy some drugs--you're well informed--HA

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