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Taking a domestic flight with an expired tourist visa

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I am permanente and have been so for 10 years.  But I have a friend who is living here with an expired tourist visa.  It expired during the pandemic because this person did not want to travel back to the border at that time.  Now this person wants to fly to the beach with friends.  It will be a domestic flight.  But I warned this person about the need to show a passport ID to board the plane.  What are the risks of getting deported?  My guess is that they are high.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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i just flew from guadalajara to chihuahua city on volaris, then from los mochis to guadalajara on calafia airlines. i showed my VA health card for id on both flights and no one questioned it and no one asked for my tourist visa either. you do not need to show a passport or tourist visa to fly domestically.

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2 minutes ago, SunFan said:

Is there not a Visa renewal program now in effect specifically for folks with expired Visas because of the pandemic?


Yes, though it may end soon from what I've read posted by Sonia Diaz on her FB page.  It's a good deal now as the person with expired Tourist visa can obtain Temporary Residency from within Mexico.  No date on expiration but expectation is end of this month, or end of year.  

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The expired visa route is limited:

"Earlier this year, one option for people with expired documents was to get temporary residency through a pandemic amnesty program. But that program was for people whose expired travel documents were issued prior to 2019, so more recent arrivals do not qualify, Courchesne said."



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