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They have changed the number. Don't panic because you'll listen to a long-winded message at the beginning.  333 668 3800

For everyone else, please don't call the old number. I spoke with the lady who answered and I got the impression that she'd gotten a LOT of calls (did TELMEX reassign the number and she was the poor victim who got stuck w/it? I didn't ask). Anyway, the above number works.

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1 hour ago, Whipstock said:

Power has not gone out today near the plaza? 

Did you pay your bill?🤣

Yes I did. It was pretty high this month it was rounded up to the nearest peso, 51 pesos. Yep, I put in too many electric solar panels and my bills are always less than $100 pesos per billing period.

And the power came back on a little after 12 noon.

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If we can ignore Johanson's attempt to digress,..  Here is some historical information about gaz prices. Between March 2019 and October,2021, the cost of propane from the same supplier went from 8.83 pesos per litre to 15.31 pesos per litre. I was a regular customer of Gaz liquado which now seems to have sold out to another company.

Information (taken from their delivery slips) show a price in Dec 2017 of 9.99 pesos  per litre and in December, 2020 a price of 9.98 pesos per litre. One maybe cannot explain the variations in the pricing changes. These records were the only times I bought from this company over the years so do notknow what this company charges at this time.


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