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I know this is probably more of the cocina topic, but I just wanted to catch the eyes of anyone that is vegan and doesn't want to cook or is like me, really bad at it  (still learning) and doesn't normally check out the cocina topic for obvious reasons. I will put up an in-depth review there, but I just wanted to pass on this website:  http://www.mrtofu.com.mx . I just got my order and I'm super impressed.

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 ...more of the cocina topic, but I just wanted to catch the eyes of anyone....

Am I really the only one who sees all of this crap? Does everybody else have to specifically search out each and every new post? The first time I took notice of this phenomenon was when the board blew because the pet column was reorganized and people were afraid that nobody would ever be able to find reports of downtrodden dogs and cats. Why do I see every new post and others apparently see only the posts that don't matter to them? Is this a conspiracy? I don't mean to introduce politics into this but i do use Linux.

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