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Any fish pond owners?


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I have snails 🐌.  I'm in Riberas. I have 2 aquariums, one has large Upside-down catfish.  Unusual and fun to see. I would love to see Fred's pond and fish but I don't have a car. If you would like company I would be happy to go along. I wear a mask. Fred and I are friends. He may still have a siphon hose for me. 

331 319 1012. 

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They do manage to reach a neutral population demographic based on food availability & water conditions. We have had a garden pound full of Calla Lilies & guppies that we have never fed in over 12 yrs. Fresh Water very slowly overflows the pond into the garden, no pump. We have a suspicion that as the females berth their fry, there are others nibbling on the resultant competition. They certainly learn hiding & schooling skills quickly!

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I gave him Ramshorn snails this morning. They can produce more snails all by themselves. No need for both sexes. He has a large pool.  I'm looking forward to the visit with you next week. I can home 4 or 5 males. Strictly a bachelor pad. He asked me why the white Mollie was following the black one so closely. I said they were gay. I'm not surprised, the black one is a beauty. 

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