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Another vote for Total Play

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Over a year ago we signed up for Unet....initially it was okay...then like a Super Market freezer that was turned off at night to save electricity....service was and became...."MEH." So I got Total Play....the crew spoke zero english but was eager and did an amazing installation and the speed is as promised....so far. We only took internet so we can't comment on TV etc.

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I just ordered this also to be installed in the next couple of days here in SAT. I thought that I had the best option with ILox...great speed at 100+ at desktop but at the TV much less and only about 4 meters away from the modem with direct sight. Reception with my Firestick apps has experienced some buffering, freezing or non-connection. Have begged them to give me an upgraded modem to no avail. Will update here the result of this change. What an amazing upgrade in options here over the past few years...adios Telmex!!!  Still have 2 huge Dish Satellite dishes on my roof for the highest bidder!!! 

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Gosh, I guess it depends upon where you live. If your home is close to the Ajijic Telmex office and you have a direct line to their office, your speeds can be pretty good. Me? I have the Telmex $499 peso per month package and my usual download speeds are 45.5 to 48 Mbpsec down by about 8.5 upload.  During periods of heavy use, like right now (19:10), I still get about 42 down by about 7.8 up and that is all or perhaps more than I need for streaming or internet.

These speeds are wireless. And my computer is about 3 meters from my Telmex router.  Wired, I am only slightly faster. Still less than 50 down by 10 up. Which, again, is all or perhaps more than I need.


EDIT:  I would love to hear other experiences with Telmex for internet. To the best of my knowledge, my connection is copper wire, not fiberoptic.

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