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Shots will be given at LCS Health Day on Friday, 22 October 2021
Those who have preregisterd and prepaid arrive at your assigned time.
Registration and payment for members continues Wednesday and Thursday 20-21 October and will be open to the public on Friday, 22 October. Registration and cash only payment will be accepted in the LCS Office.
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Immunizations will be administered on Friday, October 22. Those who have registered for this event and paid the required fee have been assigned an appointment to receive their vaccine. No one will be served prior to their appointment.
Pre-Registration for LCS Members October 19 - 21.
Pre-Registration for non-Members begins October 22, depending on the availability of vaccines.
Payment due at the time of pre-registration, cash only (no credit cards).

Immunizations available (payment due on day administered):
* Pneumonia (Prevnar 13 - Lifetime immunity) Cost $1,700 pesos.
* Pneumonia (Pneumovax - Five year immunity) Cost $750 pesos.
* Influenza $750 pesos.
NOTE: Influenza and pneumonia vaccines may be taken on the same day.

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I got a phone call yesterday from the San Antonio Hospital/Clinic, asking if I wanted to come in for my Quad4 flue shot.

I went in this morning and upon asking, I learned that they had received 150 injections, that they gave out 50 shots yesterday and that they are working on the remaining 100 shots today and maybe Friday.

I know, I had signed up for the shot, so I  am guessing that there may not be many or any extra shots for those whom are yet to sign up.

What was my cost?  $750 pesos

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