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Karina G

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We have fermenting sourdough, yogurts, vegetables, for many years. Always used garaphon water with no problems, now we have a filter, again no problems. But we also have a very clean water supply, some areas get a lot of filter clogging silt and muck.

The water supplier will have your best answer, next time you order.

A lot of interest in fermenting right now. Probiotic foods and lots of fiber for the bacteria to attach to and multiply makes your gut bionme/general health very happy.

I have made many of the items on this Wiki list. I have Viili Finnish string yogurt, Amasi African yogurt, Bulgaria yogurt. We marinated some chicken in Viili yogurt, it was delicious tender and browns very nicely. Vindaloo and Tikka are also yogurt marinated. Once you see how it effects the chicken flesh you can understand why it is so good in your gut. It also eats salmonella and e coli if they are present.



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