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Looking for high quality upholsterer

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For more mundane stuff we have used the guy behind the green door in Riberas but for these chair cushions we want to have redone we are looking for a more high quality place that has really good replacement seat foam and can do more detailed work.  Your suggestions appreciated!

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7 minutes ago, geeser said:

Here's your choices:

Armando near soccer field Chapala cell? 331-147-3136

Marcelo 045-331-343-5336

Miguel His cell is 331 305 7307

Carmen and Octavio Robles 766-0045. Cell is 33 3956 4852.

Oscar by Christina park 765-2366

Pinocchio upholstery. Arturo 331 768-2613

 Great list.  If you were looking for exceptional, not the cheapest, work who would you use?  Others feel free to chime in.

Much appreciated.

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14 hours ago, Honorandfaith said:

I hear about Cadillac Upholsery, and a guy named Oscar in Chapala. I'll try to find his #.

Cadillac Furniture is on the mountain side of the carretera by the light at Juarez, in Ajijic.  Gets good reviews on FB.  I have never used them.  

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Oscar Castaned is my choice. He's excellent. Last time I used him to cover two upholstered arm chairs. The only fabric I really liked was striped. He matched the stripes at the seams perfectly and also the cushions to the  chair frames.


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