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Carretera blocked east SJC


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Thanks for sharing. Here in upper and slightly West Ajijic, we had plenty of rain, but apparently very little compared to you. There was absolutely no apparent damage on the streets of upper Colon nor upper Juarez, in West Ajijic, this morning when I drove to and from downtown Ajijic for breakfast.

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Posted half an hour ago at Pagina FB page.  This is specifically about the Chapala municipio.

PÁGINA Que sí se lee
36m  · 
🔴 || Deja lluvia alrededor de 200 viviendas con daños en Ajijic 
Por Redacción
Las lluvias que se registraron esta madrugada en la ribera de #Chapala, causaron afectaciones en la delegación de #Ajijic, específicamente en las colonias de Alceseca, La Canacinta, El Bajio, La Cristina, La Mojonera y Bugambilias, en los límites de Chapala con el municipio de #Jocotepec.
De manera preliminar, la Dirección de Protección Civil y Bomberos reporta alrededor de 200 viviendas con daños materiales, debido al desbordamiento de seis arroyos y nacimiento de nuevos cauces, según lo informado por el Ayuntamiento.
En el momento se está trabajando con maquinaria para limpieza de calles y de la carretera Chapala-Jocotepec, en coordinación de la Unidad Estatal de Protección Civil del Estado de Jalisco, para la remoción de troncos, tierra, lodo y piedras que afectan los accesos. 
Así mismo, para atender la emergencia, se han habilitado dos centros de acopio y albergues, en el Centro Cultural y en el DIF, en Ajijic, donde se brindará atención a las familias damnificadas, así como recolecta de alimentos no perecederos y artículos de limpieza, higiene personal y ropa en buen estado.
🔴 || Leaves rain around 200 homes with damage in Ajijic
By Editoring
The rains that occurred this morning on the bank of #Chapala caused affections in the delegation of #Ajijic, specifically in the colonies of Alceseca, La Canacinta, El Bajio, La Cristina, La Mojonera and Bugambilias, in the limits of Chapala with the municipality of #Jocotepec.
Preliminaryly, the Civil Protection and Fire Department reports about 200 homes with material damage due to the overflow of six streams and the birth of new channels, as reported by the Town Hall.
At the moment work is underway with machinery for street cleaning and Chapala-Jocotepec road, coordinating the State of Jalisco State Civil Protection Unit, for the removal of logs, land, mud and stones affecting access.
Also, to address the emergency, two gathering centers and shelters have been enabled, in the Cultural Center and the DIF, in Ajijic, where care will be given to the families affected, as well as collecting non-perishable food and cleaning supplies , personal hygiene and clothes in good condition.

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I have friends who drove from Rancho Alegre to the San Antonio Hospital this morning. Rancho Alegre is just west of the Joco Hospital. They did not say how long it took them. The comment from their housekeeper who lives in San Juan Cosala is that the September 2007 event was worse... their house had 12 inches of mud and water inside it from that event..


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They estimate it took them 40 minutes total. The delay occurred in SJC on the highway because of equipment clearing the road.

And I would like to point out that the trip was west to east which is always faster than going east to west.

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 We just took that trip to a restaurant west of the gas station.  Along the way, many delays and many 5 ft. high piles of debris along the side of the road.  One way traffic alternates slowed things even more. The restaurant was busily cleaning up mud, so no lunch there today, and we headed back eastward.  Advice:  don't go anywhere past Yves location westward. Huge mess!! Water still running across the road from the hills.

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