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He was at my house Sept 2 and said he's been really really busy. When he first ever came here he gave cell no. and email, but also said "Best way to reach me is on messenger or whatsapp."  (Dummy me----   don't know what or how to use messenger.)             

He also has a FB page: Rich Richie   OR    RichInMexico   (don't do FB either).

Have you tried whatsapp? He did tell me if he's busy with a client he doesn't answer the phone (how polite and considerate) but you could try a whatsapp message OR a whatsapp voice call??.

Good luck with one or more of these if you didn't already have all.

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39 minutes ago, dichosalocura said:

Natasha, I think you meant to say to send a whatsapp message or a voice message because if he isn't answering phone calls I doubt he would answer a whatsapp phone call.

yes... I meant a whatsapp message (he can read when he wants to) OR a whatsapp voice message that he can open and listen to, again at his option

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