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Alfaro's press conference Monday, Aug 16 am THINGS ARE IMPROVING VERY SLIGHTLY OVER LAST WEEK


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My summary of Alfaro’s press conference today, as he had promised last week to review the state’s position on Covid:.

• Slight decrease in number of cases of Covid-19 in Jalisco over last week, however, there is a slight increase in hospitalizations, positivity rate is at 24.3, and deaths are down slightly. Lethality of this wave is an issue. (Alfaro calls our current situation an extension of wave 2; everyone else on the planet confirms we are in the third wave.) The great increase in contagion in children under age 14 has happened during summer vacation; Alfaro, therefore, concludes that children can go back to school safely.
• The measures that were implemented (at the end of July) are working to reduce cases. PV has reduced its Covid numbers substantially; Guadalajara also down (includes the 6 metropolitan zones). Cihuatlán has reduced significantly; Alfaro and blames the whiners and politicians for over-stating the emergency. 
• Alfaro predicts that this Friday (the end of the two-week federal Semáforo calendar) we will return to orange, albeit by one single point on the scale. 
•Vaccinations are ongoing (shows chart) but number of shots in arms not high enough; it is our responsibility to get the shots to get out of this circumstance. (FYI, my note: the federal charts show Jalisco at one of the 5 lowest vaccination rates in the country.)
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