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projector for wall showing


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First you need to have a TV that has video lines out not line in sockets. TV's with lines out I've seen have been the RCA connectors that are red yellow and white. There's some other connector types too. Once you know what type of line out options the TV has then you'll know what the projectors line in has to be. Most S-Video connectors carry audio and video. The RCA types the red and white are video and Yellow is audio. Then the projector lumen value is tricky. Distance from screen, wall material and ambient room light makes some differences.

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We're in our 10 year of using a projector and a wall mounted screen.  This is one of the best sites for setting up a projector/screen, how to.  https://www.projectorcentral.com   I just used their tool for setting up a ceiling mounted projector.  Secondly they have thousands of reviews on projectors.

First step is the space you are going to use.  That will determine the size of the screen and projector that will work within the space.   The amount of light from windows, doorways has to be addressed.  Can you use drapes, close doors to reduce.   We have a Epson projector that is designed for bright light spaces.

New projectors have multiple inputs, HDMI being the most popular.  Outputs are limited as thats not the purpose of a projector. Other than casting a picture onto a screen.

I'm not clear as to how your TV comes into the setup.  

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