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Alfaro's AM conference 9 Aug: no additional health measures announced today; update early next week


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My summary of Alfaro’s press conference this morning regarding Covid-19 in Jalisco:

• Twelve days before we went Red, according to the federal system, we made and implemented decisions (such as the closing of bars and antros) that will be re-evaluated in a few days, in order to evaluate their effectiveness over a two-week period.
• In this announcement, therefore, we will not announce new measures/restrictions. However, we must comply with the restrictions we put in effect nearly two weeks ago.
• We have (slightly) more people infected with Covid now in Jalisco than we did in January, 2021—our peak. However, we have many fewer people hospitalized. We have 24% positivity (compared to the 40’s%); we have fewer deaths.
• Our current circumstances are different than in January. We need to review our strategy in the coming days and remind people of their  co-responsibility and participating.
• Businesses must help by providing testing of their employees.
• Airports and ports will have reinforced protocols—one must either be vaccinated or have a negative Covid test to disembark from a cruise ship. Airports will reinforce health measures in place.
• Classes will return according to our adequate schedule for return to in-person learning, according to their established calendars, at the end of this month.
Parents of children in basic (aka elementary) public schools have the option for their children to return in-person or virtual classes.
Barbara Casillas (Social Dept)
• People with comorbidities or are immunocompromised should remain home as much as possible.
• Businesses: must test workers against Covid, ventilate, obligatory for workers use facemarks properly and cover face/mouth/nose, sanitary filters, physical barriers where possible; distance, work from home as possible, isolate people who are testing, tested positive, or are recovering; vaccinate per allowed schedule; any workers with symptoms should stay home as possible 
• Young people with symptoms should go to the doctor (This group tends not to seek medical attention.)
We are at a high risk of contagion.
We reiterate—no changes right now, we will update either at the end of this week or early next week to see what will be revised.
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21 hours ago, RickS said:

jrod.... the people of Lakeside should be/are grateful for your level and accurate reporting of things Covid. 

You are most welcome, and I appreciate the support. It's been a job, for sure, but Covid-19 has put my research and editorial background to good use, and I've learned a lot in the process.

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