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What happened to Lalo? I had been going there and paying to have lumber cut to specific sizes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings because I don't have the equipment. I always found him to be efficient, courteous and helpful. The last person I dealt with was a bit of a grump and made me feel unwelcome.

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We are short on volunteers, our experienced volunteers are up north to November.

We ran out of money. last year because we had no face to face  fundraisers and had to cut back unwillingly almost 40% on all expenses.

The board of directors and wonderful supporters of our school had to chip in and pay the bills. we almost went out of business, we had to shut the doors for a while.. We have fixed overhead expenses, rent etc

Lalo went and found another job, We could not even keep him part time.

We miss Lalo. He was with us 10 years. He is very smart and talented . He does work out of his home on weekends. if you still need his service

I apologize that you did not get the same service Lalo gave you.

if a class is in progress any volunteer has told not interrupt the class, we put signs up.

Please stop by between 12 noon and 1pm Mon Tues Thurs Fri when no classes are being held, I am sure you will get good service you deserve.

Lalo left his new business cards at the shop ,, come by and pick one up. he does work in evenings and weekends at his home

We are waiting to see what rules we have to follow by the govt, as we are planning to start a class for young girls and women in Sept.

We pray we do not get shut down again by the Govt its tough and unpredictable time this Covid 19 pandemic. Everyone is grumpy and volunteers are overworked.

Please be flexible during these uncertain times.

Thank you for your generous support of the students.

If any wants to partner with and help the women's class coming up here's a link to donate.


With affinity

H Wayne Renz

Treasurer HHWT





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HHWT just Met last week with Conalep tech Ajijic. to work together educating Mexican youth.

Conalep also is deeply affected by Covid 19 and will be at 20% student participation this next semester.

HHWT want to sponsor students at Conalep. We want our students to continue on to higher education.

Hope to continue our classes at 50% this Sept.


Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. Visit to conalep Ajijic.jpg

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