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Where are the hummingbirds?

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Now is when the high numbers from April-June decline. Where they go who knows. 

Depending on the type they come and go. The largest numbers here seem to be Violet Crowned which stay high year round but whose numbers are much higher in April-June. Also Broad billed increase in those months. Right now most common are Violet crowned, Broad Billed and Berylline.  Rufus are here a couple of weeks a year on their migration from Oaxaca to Alaska. Bumble Bee, Black Chinned,  Sparkling Tailed Woodstar, are seasonal as well. 

A Broad Billed male on my finger.

Broad Billed Male.jpg


20200603_081047 (1).jpg


Violet Crowned, Broad Billed, and Berylline enjoying a meal together20210603_185213.jpg

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6 minutes ago, sm1mex said:

I don’t have any flowers in my yard. Replaced everything with cactus because of cutter ants. The only h-birds I have are gray/silver breast and dark on top. Wish I had them like in the picture above. Beautiful. 

Sounds like you have the most common, Violet Crowned like my Icon.  The males head will show the violet color when viewed in the sun from above. The color is not as strong on females and young. 

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I have at least 15-20 using my feeders all day. The overwhelming evidence, given by naturalists, is that the use of feeders in no way harms, if they are kept clean, or disposes the critters towards being dependent on the feeders. I actually held one in my hand for the first time last week. I think he was a really old rascal, because he flew much slower than his friends.

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Could be if you keep topping off giving the high sugar content water a chance to grow stuff something in there isn't liked. If it's store bought maybe somethings wrong with it. Maybe they like shaded feeders more or just have a better area where everyone elses feeders are. They have to have a nest someplace. Guy in Ajijic Jerry I think found a nest on a potted plant under a roof overhang. Could even be when they feed you aren't watching. Even somebody trimming plants disturbing their nesting area could of gotten them to take off. Migrating could of been the reason. Nesting material not available. Plenty of neighbors have feeders and the pandemic might of gotten day dreamers to buy feeders for something to watch while locked up. Sounds like there's lots of them out there and well fed so that's good.

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13 hours ago, Stream said:

Maybe try adding a birdbath :) They have to stay cool with the super high metabolism they have.

Exactly we don't have A feeder but a ten foot wide fishpond is a favorite watering hole  for the Hummers. They swoop down and pick up water and sit in a nearby tree and clean themselves.  Goldfish don't bother them.   Animals come from all over to get water.  Give it a try if you have the room.  

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