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Peacock Poop


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We have some visitors from Mexico City and they wanted to see the peacocks so we ate at the Peacock Restaurant yesterday.  After being seated we found one of our party had stepped in poop.  We found there was two significant piles of it, either from a peacock or probably a dog.  We were moved to another table and later another couple came in and were seated at the same table and again one of them stepped in it.  When we left over an hour later it was still there for people to step in.  Menu wise one man reported his steak was very good.  All of the rest of us reported our meals were less than satisfactory.  I had fish and chips and they were some of the worst I've had lakeside.  I don't think I will ever be returning to this restaurant.

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I use cow manure to make tea. I go to restaurants and collect their used one gallon vegetable cans. I cut both ends out and place one over a tomato plant.  This protects the plant from the wind and concentrates the water to the plant.  Next I get some cow manure and. Put it in 5 gallon bucket.  I than fill with water and let it set over night.  Next day, I feel the cans with my tea, I only have to do this once.  The first time my Mexican wife objected to my putting the tea in the tomato cans.  So I said alright we will use the tea on half the tomatoes and the other half we won't.  Next year, she wanted to know when I was going to make the tea! I have my own cows so I don't worry about disease from the manure.

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