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Reputable Source for B12 Injections

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Looking to address a B12 deficiency. There used to be someone in Ajijic Centro who gave shots, but I also heard some scare stories about those. Anyone know where else they might be available/who would administer?  

Alternatively, would like to find a source for sublingual spray supplement; patient doesn't do so well with pills...


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B 12 shots - easy to do at home.     Just get the B 12 liquid (Cyanocobalamin Injection, usually comes in a 10 ml small bottle)   and a IM syringe  (get 10 of them).     3 ml size, 25 G x 1 inch  (.5mm x 25mm metric)

Each dose / shot is typically 1 ml, takes 30 sec to do at home.

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I strongly advise checking the actual vial/box the B-12 comes in, as I tried several pharmacies a few years ago and they were giving B-6 and calling it B12. Fortunately, I read things before I take them. YMMD, but this is Mexico.


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