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How do I get streaming olympics - for free?

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On 7/22/2021 at 6:06 PM, CHILLIN said:

NBC says geographically limited. Maybe Telemundo? Not that much of an Olympics fan, but better than watching the sidewalks dry.

You can stream the Olympics on Peacock


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Great link! 

BTW, I am streaming from my laptop to my 55 inch Samsung TV using the Actiontec (available on Amazon) which simply plugs into the HDMI port on the TV. If you want the cheapest way to get it from your laptop, then you just need an HDMI cable going from the HDMI outlet on your laptop to the HDMI outlet on the back of your TV. That's what I started with years ago and I bought it at Steren's.

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17 hours ago, TelsZ4 said:

I don’t have a stock Firestick or a stock android box.. On a modified streaming device there are free apps available.  For watching US TV I use USA TV & Radio app. It works well for me, but I prefer to watch Canadian TV stations.

Right, so I think the statement about getting it on a Firestick needs that clarification.

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26 minutes ago, NLU said:


How to Watch The Olympics on Any Device Without Cable

The Olympics are now in full swing and the following article will explain how you can watch on any device without cable.

How to Watch the Olympics




EVerything mentioned requires either Over The Air, a US cable subscription, a free trial to a service, a VPN, or a tricked-out streaming device.

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Most android boxes use a Kodi build. You can install that yourself onto a computer. Go to YouTube and type in "Kodi Build". There will be walk throughs on how to install Kodi and then the necessary "Build". 

Once installed you will get live TV, old TV shows, and movies. Eventually you start to loose channels. 

For around 50p you can get a 10ft hdmi cable to connect the computer to a smart TV. 

No VPN or costs (other than a cable, if you decide to get one).

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If you have a Samsung smart TV connected to the internet, "Samsung TV Plus" was introduced in Mexico earlier this year.  This provides users with several free streaming TV channels, some of which are now showing Olympics coverage. 

"Samsung TV Plus se lanza en México brindando televisión gratuita y sin suscripciones a los usuarios de una Smart TV de Samsung"


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