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Here is an idea.  If you still have the old container with it's pump sprayer, you can buy a package of "Cynoff" at almost any hardware or lawn and garden supply store and mix your own.  I think the little pack costs something like 40 or 50 pesos and mixes with water.  Not sure of ratio for gallon size jug but I think one pack makes about two gallons.  I use a small spay bottle and add about 1/2 tsp.  Same kind of chemical...odorless, non staining, long lasting, and works on any kind of crawling bug.  Roaches, ants, scorpions, spiders, etc.  Safe for pets once it's dry but don't spay on the floor where pet beds or food bowls live.  They should not lick the floor where applied.  I normally spay around entries, areas where walls meet floors, under and beside fridge and stove, etc.  Seems to work very well except for those tiny little ants that seem to materialize from thin air.


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Cynoff and Home Defense are TERRIBLE for the environment,   especially for bees (disappearing all too fast without our "help") and fish (when you wash sprayers etc. and it goes down your drains to the lake). It is also, as are all permethrin and cypermethrinin compounds,  deadly for cats.  If they get it on their paws(when wet or damp) and lick them to clean,  it is highly likely they will die or at least be seriously ill.

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1 hour ago, luvsdawgs said:

 Home Defense in the large container. I used to buy at SuperLake or Costco but do not see it there anymore. Is there any place Lakeside where I can buy it. TIA

I have not been able to get Home Defense for over a year.  I started using Cynoff last rainy season and prefer it to HD.  I put one packet in my old large HD container, fill with water, shake well.  It works better for scorpions and cockroaches than HD.  You can buy it at the counter at most hardware stores, 60 or 70 pesos.   

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There's a product sold in many ferreterias  called "Plagas-Sin"..... 1 L. whitish spray bottle with red sprayer top. Label says it kills cockroaches, crickets, ants, Black Widow spiders, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, etc.

I can absolutely say it kills those pesky little ants in the house instantly. I identify where they're coming from (always from behind light plugs/switches or else in spaces in mortar between bricks ).   It sets from wide spray to direct stream. I aim direct stream right at source   from a short distance (according to label). Dead ants everywhere!!

It's a synthetic pyrethroid (not to be confused with permethrin) and is a lot safer to use. Still need precautions listed on label, but much more environmentally friendly than Cynoff.

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