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How to get a US number for a new smartphone

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I have found that most NOB financial institutions will not send authentication texts to any VOIP phone, including my Magicjack.

For this purpose I have an old smartphone with a chip from Consumer Cellular. In that phone I have an app that forwards all incoming texts to my email. That phone just sits on a shelf and does it's job. My main smartphone then recieves all US texts in my email inbox.

Works for me

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I currently use a dual sim, but I've heard good things about Park My Phone. Only warning I was given was to enable Whattsapp with the NOB number before you choose a park option.

That would also allow me to keep a Telcel sim in the phone and have a sim slot open for if we can ever travel freely again. 

Prices seem reasonable.



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I have a Callcentric Dallas number for $1.95 a month that is set up to simultaneously ring my Guad, Chapala phones, and MX cellphones.  I answer from any of them.  I pay an extra $1 a month to receive SMS messages to the same number which forwards to my Gmail.   No US numbers or contracts.  Just a cheap MX Telcel contract and Callcentric.  All the financial institutions have to problem sending SMS's to the number except Wells Fargo, which sends SMS short codes.   But they have an option to call the US number to validate too.



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