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Telmex is so frustrating and inefficient with poor client service.

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Our internet and phone were out for a week. I spoke with them on the phone several times and it was always " we have to make sure the problem is not on our end before sending someone". But, after several days they still don't know? Give me a break. I told them just send someone to check our end then you will know. Finally a guy shows up today. He is on the roof two  minutes...problem solved. I gave him a  beer and $200 and he gave me his personal phone # and said call him in the future if I have a problem.

This is the third time in five years we've lost our signal and each time it was an easily solved problem on our end.

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Odd  I have always been able to have a tech check while I waited and tell me what & where the problem was.  If they were not able to verify exactly where the fault was they always asked what time is best if they need to send a person to the house.  Once it was a construction company had cut the line. They repaired it and the tech called the house and told me what they had done. I also received a text message that the problem had been repaired. 

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