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Mexican entering us with proper paperwork?

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It depends on which border agent you get. When I spoke with an agent in the booth in Laredo I was told no. When I called the Laredo field office I was told no. They say vaccinations are available in Mexico so it is not an essential doctor's appoint. I have seen accounts of Canadians that were allowed to enter in Laredo but no Mexicans. 

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I know many Mexicans  from Chiapas who just left for the States legally. Companies or agents offered them jobs and visas with contract for 6 months to go and pick fruit  and work in orchards  in Florida... A all bunch of them left last week for MOnterrey. Another bunch left for Hermosillo. I do not know where these guys were headed but they all had contracts and none of them were vaccinated.

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You would need to have a Visa from US consulate or embassy if you are using a mexican passport.  If you have the visa now you deal with the Covid restrictions and I don't know the answer to that.  Visas are good for ten years and many many mexicans have them for visiting US.  Not sure what the agriculture workers are using to get in the USA.


corrected my error on number of years

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My friends have visas for 10  years to visitt  the US and they can stay more than 3 months. ANother friend of mine is an artist and has a 10 year visa and went up there for 4 months but he is fully vaccinated.. so nothing strange there.

I also hear from many people who tell me they want to go up there  because Chiapas is full of conflicts , really nasty ones and there is no good job.. so more illegals are on their way...No vaccine either.. 

The agriculturor workers, I do not know what they are getting, these agents hire a bunch of them and they do not have to go to Mexico either for the visa.. THere has to be a system for them or they are all illegals and they do not know it..  WHo knows.. They tell me they are going legaly and have visas but the majority of them  do not know the difference between a passport and a visa. For sure they all have a passport the rest I have not seen.

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