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New micro brewery

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Recently found a new micro brewery in W. Ajijic  and they serve food.  Cerveceria Maltas 8. They have been open for about 2 months.  It's difficult to find so I will do my best with directions. Coming from the east go just past the big 4 story retirement project  La Pueblita  ( mtn. side  ) which is west of La Reserva.  When you go west of La Pueblita a bit,  look for the very first road going South.  This will put you on the lateral road. Turn back east to the first street where you turn right or south.  (This street has no name ) In a very short distance Cerveceria 8 Maltas will be on your right. You will see a drive way leading back to the rest., don't  take it, no parking. You must park on the street.   Closed on Mon. Tue. and Wed.  cell   332-173-2331

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We visited last week.  Good selection of taps and bottled microbrew.  Tried the mead and enjoyed it,  House porter also quite tasty.  Food menu is limited but what we had was excellent.  Somebody really knows how to cook!  To find, look for signs on left side of carretera going west.  Just across from the new gigantic assisted living center.

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