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Fact: Over 600 deaths in the U.S.A. 99.5% were not vaccinated. All ages, including in the womb and newborns. 

50% of new cases in the U.S.A. are now Delta Strain.

A highly infectious cold virus is sweeping the U.S.A. , scratchy throat, lots of mucus. Wouldn't it be better to get fully immunised so you. or a family member, doesn't have to fear they are fighting Covid?


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Maincoon ,

Who lives in fear?? Just because we are keeping ourselves inform and follow measures recommended, it does not mean we live in fear.I

I got vaccinated because if tat helps it is a good thing and if  it does not help it will also give the scientist a clue of what works and what does not and why.

I am going back to Chiapas where no one in the communities is vaccinated, many died last year, they seem to be ok this year although I still hear of a covid case here and there .. Since they donot call it covid until they are asked if they had covid, it is a little difficult to know what is going on.

They believe that posh , garlic, canela and limon will cure them, that and a few candles they burned in some places in the mountains will protect them..They do not use gel because they say that the government is using the gel to propagate the sickness and do not want to be vaccinated but they are not stupid like some people I know, they will get vaccinated if that is what they have to do to go somewhere to make money.

That is the group of people I work with and spend a lot of time with. They do not wear masks unless they go to a place in town that requires it,  go to the market every day that is crowded and where no one wears a mask.   

I do not live in fear but I feel better being vacinated even if it is only with Sinovac.

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On 6/23/2021 at 11:46 AM, Ferret said:

The article was by the Associated Press (in case you didn't notice). That's about as central as is possible right along with Reuters.... Unvaccinated Missourians fuel COVID: 'We will be the canary' (msn.com) 

I'm not living in fear. I'm living with knowledge and will protect myself and those I care about from those who are ignorant.  I like Bisbee's Darwin theory principle though. Pretty soon there will be no right leaning ME, ME, ME's any more and the world can get back to living in harmony and taking care of each other. THAT benefits us ALL.

Again, Ferret is the voice of sanity.

If you are sitting home and not vaccinated fine.... But we know most of the unvaccinated are circulating about.  That's a shame.  You put others at risk.

It's a me society, with people placing their needs ahead of others in their communities, and labeling that act of conscience in negative terms such as 'fear'.   Humans have always been self serving, but this takes it to a new level when people give their ear to non-scientific beliefs, and others end up paying for it.  It is the unvaccinated we will have to thank for this continuing to spread at such a rate in our society,  in the creation of stronger variants and more preventable deaths.  To those who have your ear... make certain the scientists are being quoted.  

This virus will be slowly plucking at the unvaccinated for a long time.  Watch them fall, some of them in denial even during their last breaths.... Using that last breath to demand and question as in this quote "What do I have, I cannot have Covid, that isn't real".  

If you think you are safe here in Mexico from this, the opposite is true.  The numbers are underreported and indeed the risk is greater for a number of reasons.  Sorry to poke at your political bubble you have put yourself in, though doubt it will burst. That thinking is pretty insulating and I doubt anyone can talk sense to them.


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