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Better day trip, Mazamitla, or Tapalpa

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I like Tapalpa.  The drive there can be interesting because you can see the dry lake bed, an elephant, a rhino, and if it's the rainy season there are birds wading in the shallow water.  The winding road up the face of the mountain is a bit of a pain but the views out over the lake bed are amazing.  The town itself is more traditional.  The church is the largest brick church in Mexico and is made only of bricks and mortar...no rebar or concrete supports.  The piedrotas just outside of town are quite interesting.  On the other side of town in a golf course/subdivision that has a great hotel, bar, restaurant with outside seating and a view of the lake, volcano, and the golf course.  There is also one of the tallest waterfalls in Mexico but that requires a bumpy ride and a fairly long hike.  You can arrange a guide.  Mazamitla has a more vibrant feel due to it's location as a trade and commerce center.  Tapalpa is pretty much on the end of the road.  Mostly tourists and locals just hanging out.  There is a second route for the return which takes you across the top of the mountain and through some beautiful pine covered hills and interesting little towns.  That route takes a few minutes longer but it's a nice change.

The last time we were in Mazamitla, and tried to get into the subdivision where the little Japanese style garden and waterfall are located, we were not allowed in by car...only on foot or horseback.  Of course the horses are there for renting and if you are younger and fit enough the hike is nice.  I think the homeowners didn't like the car traffic and noisy 4 wheelers in their neighborhood.  That restriction now makes Mazamitla less interesting for me.  There are a couple of other little towns near Mazamitla that are pretty and interesting.  MC has been to all of them on his bike and might have some suggestions that could make a day trip there more interesting.


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I like Tapalapa better but it can get pretty jammed by the Tapatios on week-ends. During the week the place is very quiet so that is the tie to go if you want peace and quiet. Because of the altitude it is pretty cool and rainy so I would not go right now unless that is what you like.

If you want tovisit a rustic, traditional potter workshop gp left at the intersection before you get to town. THe road on the right goes back down the mountain, straight you go to Tapalpa and if you take the road on the left handside you come to a little chapel on the left, take the road, or dirt road to the left the chapel in on your right and you will come to the studio on the left. It is a trip back in time. go there and visit, it is fun.

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I wouldn't visit either of them on the weekend or during a holiday.  Both would be worth an overnight stay and you'd have no trouble getting a hotel room in either without reservations during the week.

Heck, I wouldn't visit here on the weekends because of the Tapatios.  :D 

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