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Dish network channels loss network channels.

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Sometime next week Ajijic Electronics said they'll have the new addresses for the new locations: looks like Lexington (KY), Springfield (MO) and Cheyenne (WY-not sure if this is the right one, but it's somewhere out west). Those of us who lost local channels can then choose for the new ones. This was the first channel outage or major disruption we've had in four years, so seems like no big deal to me.


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To be clear, this has nothing to do with Shaw satellite TV. DISH TV in the states changed satellite feeds for local stations only in Cincinnati and Little Rock. If you were in either location, the change was transparent, as DISH chose a satellite easily accessible from those locations. Those of us with DISH TV here lakeside were not so lucky. We will have to pick another stateside location for our local channels, once the options become available from Ajijic Electronics. If you have DISH TV but it is not Cincinnati or Little Rock, you are not affected. If you have Shaw, please enjoy your programming while they change their satellite constellation.

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On 6/17/2021 at 11:07 AM, sm1mex said:

I call Ajijic Electronics and was told it’s a Dish network problem. Several people reported outage of  the US networks. We can get higher channels but not lower number channels. Nothing can be done until Dish fixes the problem. 

They told me the same. Nothing can be done.

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