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Dengue can be eliminated

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This is good news.  I had dengue - twice - once about 10 years ago here and last Nov. Dec.+   It's no picnic.  It starts with an unmistakably sudden onset - you wake up feeling OK but by the afternoon you are wasted with high fever, aches, pains, vomiting.  Go directly to your doctor.  They can give you a shot for the nausea so you can at least drink water and eat very lightly - vegetarian.  And take only their recommendation for pain pills.  Some can cause your blood to thin out which is exactly what you don't want.  I had to get a blood test every other day for 2 weeks to check the platelet count. Did not have to go to the hospital.  Low platelet count is what causes the internal bleeding that can kill.  I am reminded of the wife of Ajijic Juanra who died of dengue last year.  

The local doctors here say it is catching all year around now.  Silly me, I thought the "dengue season" coincided with the rainy season, but no.  The nights are not getting chilly enough anymore to kill off the mosquito.  I had neighbors with it as well.  One gringo told me he caught it in January - the coldest month?  I never saw any mosquitos around my house or even most other bugs either.  I thought I was safe.  

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6 hours ago, ezpz said:

It starts with an unmistakably sudden onset...

EP, thanks for the valuable and competent first-hand report - a tonic in an era of medieval epidemiological propaganda (stateside, anyway).  

May I ask, where are you and your afflicted neighbors located, as precisely as is comfortable?  

Again, big thanks.

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I forgot to mention local remedies which can help but won't cure this horrible virus.  One is papaya tree leaves.  It just happens that the neighbors in back of me recently planted 3 papaya trees in addition to several other types - all crowded together near my wall.  With the help of a friend I used a chair to reach over the wall and clip off some papaya leaves and made a strong tea from it.  Not too tasty.  There is another local remedy which 2 different Mexicanas brought me, but I can't remember the name.  It begins with "M" and makes a very pretty tea that turns purple.  Also not too tasty, but it's medicine!  The "M" remedy is small branches of a small ordinary tree that grows around here.  

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