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Review of Hospital Real San Jose

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This hospital is virtually brand new and very impressive. It was included on the list of hospitals by my insurance co and had the surgeon and doctors that we needed as well as a large blood bank.. The rooms are like a fine hotel including  toiletries and a broad and full menu with a restaurant that offers fair prices and very attentive service. At this time, parking is free and very plentiful . There is a large english speaking medical staff but very little english in the insurance offices or billing offices. 

This is a very large facility and seems to be very modern and attractive in all ways. The hospital is located on Avenida Central 911 in Zapopan. It takes about an hour to reach it from Jocotepec.


I wish it were easier to get to; need more english speaking office staff; signage does not offer english but help is always nearby. It is very expensive.

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UPDATE: I know people are curious about these situations....so as of this moment, my final bill will exceed 700,000 mx pesos and that includes the surgeon and all participants; the private room; meds; rehab services; ambulances etc.....but, I am told that my total will be....less than 5700 usd after my insurance and co-pay. Am I happy? No... as I wish the incident never happened but the price is acceptable for the quality of the facility and the doctors and my credit cards will be accepted without any hassle and the remaining balance will be by direct pay from the insurer. Without insurance coverage I would be reduced to eating rainbirds for a while.

I am not happy with my insurance company as I believe they all suck, but my agent has been a great, great asset.

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Dennis: I DO NOT suggest anyone use MET-Life, who we are stuck with. They have tried to avoid any payments they can get away with and if it weren't for my current agent....I'd be screwed. If you are over 70 yrs old....they won't take you and if you have anything in your past that was a major health problem....then it is a no as well!  We had a very "personable" agent who was very unsatisfactory in the beginning and getting rid of his group was helpful and financially a huge savings on claims as well as aggravation ....so choose wisely and it won't be cheap but it sure beats having to go into your own pocket.

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